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[stem-dev] Notes from the STEM community call on October 12, 2017

Notes from the STEM Call on October 12, 2017

On the call: Jamie, Stefan, Matthias, Taras, Emily, Judy


The next call will be on Thursday, November 9


1. STEM 3.0.0 Milestone 5: Release to follow solution of problem with launcher on Mac

Jamie: Need to update the package; see item 3; hack not advisable

Workaround available at

2. Updates

Jamie has been working on email with Angel Rios (taking a Johns Hopkins class) on running headless when running automated experiment


TO DO: Correct wiki documentation by adding explanatory sentence on, and links to, appropriate solvers such as RKKF   


3. STEM Move

Situation: New build server is up; problem in item 1 remains; STEM is still using Luna, Eclipse is using Mars; Java changes have led to changes packaged for Mac; our build doesn’t run with latest Apple or latest Java


Process: Update STEM [Eclipse stem UI; stem2.product; target platform (Luna)]; download Eclipse [all latest version plug ins STEM uses; update, test]; once tested, update the Delta packs used in running STEM; may take a week or two to complete


Possible Resolution: Matthias has a new person coming on; will introduce him to STEM, let him determine how much time process will take, join us in November call


4. Bugs

None reported


5. Items from Participants

Emily: Has been emailing Jamie re parameter estimation and problem with square lattice; Jamie will look back over doc, sent Emily instructions tomorrow. Also, re query on protection rate, Jamie and Stefan advise setting limit to 1000 to get an infinite rate


Matthias: Section on pubs and presentations on website has only 2015 and 2014

TO DO: Jamie will update


Nereyda (via stem-dev): Her paper (based on her dissertation) has been accepted for presentation at the Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting in January 2018; will update us on format during November call. On a personal note, she is getting married this weekend


All participants on the call join in congratulating Nereyda on both life events!


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