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[stem-dev] Mixing Edges and Solvers

Dear Jamie,

Dear Stefan,

Dear Community,

I'm looking forward to our next STEM-call.

I have some small questions. 

Stefan, thank you for fixing the issues with the "Mixing Edge's Bug".
I saw your message in the Bug-List.

When will be the bug fix available in STEM?


Then, I need some help with the question: "What
are the differences between the Stochastic Solver in STEM and the Stochastic
Gilllespie Algorithm to solve ODE's?" 

Maybe, how I can integrate such algorithm in STEM?


What are the differences between these solvers and the
Runge-Kutta or Finite-Difference Solver? 


I know that the stochastic Solver calculates with
whole numbers and different probabilities to solve the ODE's and that the
Runge Kutta Algorithm solve ODE’s with smaller iterative steps, than the Finite
difference solver. (


But I want to understand more about these solvers,
because it’s relevant for my thesis. 


The thesis is slowly come to an end and the deadline
is on 23.06.2017. 


So, I will be very happy about your answers. 



And finally, many thanks for all the nice congratulations for our workshop. 





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