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[stem-dev] Pajek Graphs

The notes below are in error. Emily Nixon posted her content regarding the pajek graphs on on March 10th.


My apologies to you all, and my thanks to Emily for graciously correcting the record. If you no longer can access the email of that date, Emily generously offered to resend the information to you.






Notes from the STEM Community Call on April 13, 2017

On the call: Stefan, Taras, Nereyda, Judy


Next call: Thursday, May 11, 2017


1. STEM 3.0.0 Milestone 5: Release to follow solution of problem with launcher on Mac

*Need to make build compatible with Eclipse

*Awaiting resources (summer intern? post doc?)

*Until then, use the workaround available on the wiki


2. Updates

*Re Pajek graphs: Wiki includes advice to use Libra office (thanks Taras); status of emails forwarded by Emily pending

*Re authors lost when wiki on model generator and _expression_ language hacked: Stefan emailed Eclipse for original authors, has yet to receive response

*Re STEM training at BfR: When time allows Taras will put on BfR project website, put link on STEM wiki up top under Tutorials [TO DO]


3. Model development w/ birth & death rates (Taras)

*Time stamp log starts at 0.5 not, 0: Not a barrier to work; Taras has created a workaround using new compartments T (value is minus) and T1; logs those values, not other compartments, e.g., Susceptible, etc.

*Simulating migration of subgroups (user-defined parameter): In aging population model, some difficulty when using decorator. Stefan: If property view won’t allow editing, open XML file directly for override; if this fails, Taras to open a bug [TO DO]

*Calculating disease model with model generator: Trouble with multiple aging populations. Stefan: STEM lacks a multi-model; Taras to open a feature request [TO DO]

*Mixing edges: Problem in migrating to another polygram; difference between built in disease model and Taras’; discussed w/ Stefan & Jamie via email. Taras: Works when using generator, then wizard; then border edges; then have to add something into code. Stefan: Code in two places; probably an easy fix; Taras to open a bug [TO DO]


4. Bugs and feature requests

*See items marked TO DO in item 3


5. Items from Participants

*Nereyda: Defending dissertation this month; in May will clean up and share STEM screenshots she created in doing her work [TO DO]

*Taras: Will ask Christian for help in setting up aging population to work w/ model generator [See item 3 above]



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