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[stem-dev] Notes from the STEM call on March 9, 2017

Notes from the STEM Community Call on March 9, 2017

On this call: James Kaufman, Stefan Edlund, Kun Hu, Emily Nixon, Matthias Filter, Taras Guenther, Ted Ling Hu, Judith Douglas

Next call:  Thursday, April 13, 2017, at 9 am Pacific Time


1. STEM 3.0.0 Milestone 5: Release pending solution of problem with launcher on Mac


2. Issues with STEM build on Mac and possible solutions

*New security update on Mac; Eclipse 4 lacks plug-ins to launch. Problem w/ the build, not STEM


*Outstanding issue awaits resolution when resources available (summer intern? post doc?)  


3. Updates


*Attended workshop at BfR; currently on internship in UK government, has introduced STEM there

*Had problem with Pajek graphs, got email help from Chris (who has updated Pajek), earlier from Matt

*TO DO (Emily): Forward emails to stem-dev to document problem

*Per Matthias, don’t use Excel version; go to main wiki page, advanced guides and click on the link there

*TO DO (Taras): Add one sentence on wiki: “We recommend you use Libra office….”



*Wiki site on model generator and _expression_ language editor restored after hack

*TO DO (Stefan): Contact Eclipse, get original authors (still missing after hack)



*STEM training at BfR on February 6-7 well attended, feedback positive; will repeat the event

*TO DO (Taras): Will post materials to wiki when time allows



*Continuing model development with birth and death rates, built in intervention

*First issue: When rebuilt in Excel, sequencer started at 0.5, then 1.5, etc. (starting at 12 noon, not 12 midnight); model creator used time variable w/ finite difference solver

*Per Jamie: Time stamp log should start at 0; elapsed time calculation does not = log time; this is an unexpected behaviors; may be a bug

*TO DO (Taras): Send a project to Jamie and Stefan, will investigate

*Second issue: When a parameter is calculated and put into an equation, it doesn’t show in the different compartments (unlike population)

*Per Jamie: Currently this is logged only at the beginning; to track beyond this, can create a dummy compartment for “local variable “

TO DO (Taras, Matthias): Post Feature Request for logger for user defined parameter



*IBM Health Corps selects 5-6 project/year under its global services program

*Was part of 6-person team working with the Panama equivalent of the CDC for 3 weeks

*Developed a geographic reference system for vector control to run on Android tablet to take place of current paper system and manual calculations; help in mosquito control, infectious disease prevention

*With Minister of Health and NGO, held workshop; used materials from Philippines last year; covered mathematical modeling, etc.  




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