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[stem-dev] Problems Launching STEM - temporary work around

The problems launching STEM seem to be caused by a MacOS issue (after security update) with the version of the Equinox Launcher used by STEM.
The bug is not in STEM itself. The fix may require a major build update but we are investigating.

Meanwhile Mac Users should use the following work around.

1) Open a Terminal Window

2) Type Java -version and make sure yoru are running Java8

3) cd into the directory that includes the STEM executable (this is inside of the container):

   cd     [b]...installfolder...[/b]/stem/

type ./STEM

STEM will launch and run fine.

As soon as we have a fix we will release a new build with working launcher but for now please use this command line procedure from a terminal window to launch STEM on OSx

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