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[stem-dev] Notes from the February 2017 STEM call

STEM Users: You may want to take special note of the following items in the Notes below:

(1)   STEM 3.0.0 Milestone 5 is rescheduled for 02/09/2017 to address newly discovered bug described in items 1 and 3

(2)   The wiki has been hacked as described in item 2 in all caps (model generator and _expression_ language editor); work is underway to restore

(3)   The next call is scheduled for March 9th at 9am Pacific time; agenda will be sent out early that week


Notes from the STEM Community Call on Thursday, February 2, 2017


On the call: James Kaufman, Stefan Edlund, Matthias Filter, Christian Thoens, Taras Gunther, Nereyda Sevilla, Ted Ling Hu, Werner Keil, Judy Douglas


Next call: Thursday, March 9, 2019, at 9 am Pacific time


1. STEM 3.0.0 Milestone 5 rescheduled for 02/09/2017, perhaps as Milestone 6

New bug discovered by Kuwaiti STEM user on Mac Sierra, also noted by BfR users; reverts to Java 6 from Java 8 required by Eclipse


2. Updates

*Matthias: STEM training at BfR February 06-77, 2017; have invited people from Europe countries plus BfR staff to attend; 2 day even. Day 1 intro and set up; Day 2 advanced users and features showing BfR team’s work to date; May capture one session on film this time or may wait for next workshop to tape 


*Nereyda: Work going well. Tested stochastic solver with pneumonic plague, looked at air travel effect with SARS and H1N1; had issue with death rate and immunity loss rate; will rerun; will put in movie at end of month. Jamie: Immunity loss rate much lower (1 in 1 year) than default death rate (1 in 50 years); may be easier to see in deterministic model  


*Taras: Work going well; had some issues with death and growth rate; will contribute to wiki descriptions of formulae when time available. Reported issues with model generator and editor, specifically _expression_ language editor. HAS BEEN HACKED; JAMIE TO GO BACK INTO CHANGE LOG TO RECOVER


*Kun: Still in Panama working with their CDC on mobile app for disease surveillance


3. Bugs

*Taras’s EMF bug has been fixed—Jamie

*New bug (item 1) to be fixed by 02/09—Jamie and Stefan to address (maybe a box? A STEM problem, not a Mac problem); will post on newsgroup


4. Items from participants

*Nereyda: Created basic SEIR model with screen shots and Power Point presentation for graduate student in statistics; will clean up PDF, send to Jamie; may post link on wiki or make new wiki page


*Ted: Continuing work on Lyme disease, predictive model


*Chris: Solved issues Taras identified with birth and death rate; linked birth rate to susceptible compartment; put death rate in each compartment and set birth and death rates at 0 in population model 


*Werner: Eclipse Science WG a success; may want to consider migrating STEM there


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