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Re: [stem-dev] STEM won't build.


I think you're running STEM from within the Eclipse IDE following the instruction for developers here: ? Are you able to launch STEM from within Eclipse (i.e. by running the stem2.product per the instructions)?

We do not have instructions or a guide on how to run a STEM build locally since it's a very complex process. If you have code modifications that you would like to share with the community consider sending us a patch, we'd be happy to integrate it into the code if it makes sense.

It sounds like you're making modification to some geographic data. If you do, you need to run the update.xml ant script in the plugin to build other necessary artifacts.

Best Regards,
/ Stefan

Stefan Edlund
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IBM Research - Almaden
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I am currently doing some modification to get KML file in headless mode, so I first tried to build standalone application from vanilla source.
It runs well when I lanuch from eclipse, but I won't build as a standalone application via product export wizard. seems to make some ant
build configurations but won't go further at 14% progress. It just reads disk contents using about 20% of CPU power.

Would you please let me know what is wrong with me?

My Environment is :
O/S : Windows 10 Professional v.1607 (Build : 14393.479)
JDK : Oracle JDK 1.8 Update 112(64bit)
eclipse : neon.1
STEM sources are pulled as guided in developer setup documennt, unchanged and just tried to export product.

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