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[stem-dev] Notes from the December STEM community call

Notes from the STEM Community Call, December 8, 2016

Present on the call: Jamie, Stefan, Matthias, Taras, Emily, and Wen



The next call is scheduled for January 12, 2017


Introductions: Two new participants, Taras Guenther of BfR, and Wen Lin of Santa Clara Public Health

1. STEM 3.0.0 Milestone 4 up


2. Issues/Topics Addressed


Tracked down a bug Emily had using the external data initializers

*Jamie: Found problem was with documentation; emailed Emily a solution

*TO DO – Emily: If this works, update documentation at

UPDATE: Emily has updated the documentation

Helped Taras and Matthias plan a new batch experiment
Taras also identified a new emf bug we are still tracking down


3. Bugs

Taras: Found new emf bug, still being tracked down

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