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[stem-dev] Notes from the December STEM Call

Notes from the STEM Community Call, December 3, 2015


On the Call: Jamie, Stefan, Matt, Kun, Nereyda, Matthias, Judy


Next Call: Thursday, January 14, 2016


1. STEM Version 3.0.1, aka Java 8/Eclipse 4 build

*Now main build.

*Participants on call had no bugs to report.

*Jamie and Stefan have found no new issues; had some warnings, but none fatal.

2. Feature requests

*Logging automated experiments: IBM India problem (bug 465981). Jamie can’t replicate; need to ask Kamesh to send scenario he is having trouble with.
*Modifying sequencer to get automatic experiments to run batch: Problem arose with ebola data. Kun is considering how to more easily measure change in the R0 over time.
*Extending shape file capabilities: How to show polygons (e.g., farms) in a custom graph; wouldn’t be a Pajek standard. Jamie couldn’t get to work; per Matthias, Chris has looked at this; per Jamie, will defer to Chris’s take on how hard this would be, as Chris knows his code.   

*Restricting air travel for certain compartments: Nereyda will defend her dissertation proposal on December 16th, will be running scenarios after the turn of the year; will address details then.

*Batching to control sequencer: No update.

*New plug in to measure poverty: Inactive; actually a research/data task, not a software task.
*Plug in for roads in Africa: Inactive as such; actually need for world.

3.  Bugs
Bug 465981. Dengue model, bug with running experiments. See item 2 above.
4. Updates
*Jamie: IBM work with Mars and Food Safety Institute in China ongoing; Mars is keeping private; IBM China lab will be working on this, as data is not to leave China.

*Kun: Collaborating with China CDC on modeling flu; not yet ready to report.

*Nereyda: Will work on article on STEM for collaborative online ezine Global Biodefense in the new year; Judy will assist.


5. Items from participants

*Matthias: 2020 research funding from European Community now open; first relevant deadline in early February; forming consortium focused on transparency, standards for trade between EU and China.

*Matthias: send Jamie a link to data source in November; Matt has looked at this.

                TO DO: Log in as feature request, check license; if okay, would require an intern to do.


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