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[stem-dev] Notes from the November STEM Community Call


The next STEM call will be on November 5, 2015, the first Thursday of the month.




STEM Community Call, Thursday, October 1, 2015


On the call: Jamie, Matthias, Kun, Nereyda, Judy


1. Java 8/Eclipse 4 build now uploaded on website (aka STEM/LUNA build)

*Matt will label as new milestone build next week (currently not labeled as such)

*No new functionality, but works with Java 8 and Windows 8 machines

*One minor bug so far but not problematic

*Core STEM community asked to test, report any bugs

*Will retain 2.3.3 to avoid disruption of ongoing work

*Not yet determined when to abandon earlier versions



[Restricting air travel for certain compartments; New plug in to measure poverty; Plug in for roads in Africa; Batch to control sequencer; Log automated experiments (?); Modify sequencer to get automatic experiments to run batch]


3.  Bugs

Bug 465981 Pending. Dengue model, Kamesh’s bug with running experiments

*Kun: Kamessh has sent whole package, will work with Jamie to determine problem

*Jamie: Problem may be Kamesh’s file structure for storing runs

*Will during November call


4. Updates on China trip

Main event: Opening of the Mars Corporations Food Safety Lab there

Also work with Shenzhen CDC

*IBM China Research Lab helped get level 3 map (kml file) of part of China

*Jamie put into STEM, found that doc on using shape file needs updating

*Perhaps need to add feature request to extend capabilities  

*Reps from China CDC, IBM Research Lab may visit Almaden for training


5. Items from participants

Matthias/BfR: Biggest topic now is community proven food safety model

*Adapted SDML language, extended lab-based repository

*Encoded equations into software independent language

*Main focus is on metagenomics for food safety (less on STEM)

*Have relationships with Food Safety Institute in China, do training there

            *Jamie and Matthias to discuss possible synergies



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