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[stem-dev] Notes from the STEM Community Call for July

STEM Community Call July 9, 2015

On call: Jamie, Kun, Matthias, Stefan, Werner, Nereyda, Judy


Next call: Thursday, August 6, 2015 


1. Release status: Jamie

·         Target date for Version 2.0.4 will be set once Matt Davis returns August 3

·         Milestone 1 for Version 3 set for October 21; making progress with Eclipse 4 and build for Java 8



[Restricting air travel for certain compartments; New plug in to measure poverty; Plug in for roads in Africa; Batch to control sequencer; Log automated experiments (?); Modify sequencer to get automatic experiments to run batch]


3.  Bugs

·         Bug 465981. Dengue model, Kamesh’s bug, problem modifying value of one parameter, re-initializing scenario; problem with STEM or scenario? Problem with logger when running STEM headless?

o   Stefan: Plans in place; can reproduce, first will rerun existing scenario, then move to next issue

·          Bug 465838. Graph editor, posted by Matthias. “Save graph as” and “save graph” don’t work. Migration history doesn’t show

o   Matthias: Plans in place; Chris work on this in August


4. Updates  

  • Jamie: When STEM 3/Java 8 is released, will have some aspects from Eclipse 3; need someone with expertise on Eclipse 4 to advise on what in STEM to focus on first, etc.
    • Werner: Knows someone from start-up firm who might be able to help; will introduce to Jamie


5. Items from Participants 

  • Kun: Will be in China next week, giving workshop near Hong Kong on using STEM; will be joined by Kamesh (IBM India) who did work on dengue for Singapore; host responding to dengue outbreak last year
  • Werner: Like emphasis on images on wiki page; interested in possible plans for EclipseCon Europe
  • Matthias: Poster accepted for the American Public Health Association (APHA) conference in Chicago this fall
    • Kun, Stefan will attend
    • TO DO: Add to STEM publications listed on web


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