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[stem-dev] Notes from the STEM Community Call on February 5, 2015

STEM Community Call February 5, 2015

On call: Jamie, Stefan, Nereyda, Chris, Kun, Werner, Judy

Next call: Thursday, March 8, 2015


1. Release status

  • Will delay next release for reasons cited below, under item 5

·         Update to 2.0.2 will be released as soon as problem with window size on Window 8 tablets is fixed

o   Nereyda reported as bug 48560

·         On next call, will determine date for Milestone 1 for Version 3

o   Will work with Matt when he is at Almaden next week


2. Updates on dengue modeling

  • Updated/done, including fixes for IBMers in Singapore


3. Updates on Ebola modeling

·         Call is now bikweekly

·         Stefan and Kun will talk about model, community work at EclipseCon



  • Restricting air travel for certain compartments
  • New plug in to measure poverty
  • Plug in for roads in Africa
  • Batch to control sequencer
  • Log automated experiments (part of new build for January 30; see item 1 above)
  • Modify sequencer to get automatic experiments to run batch


5. Java 8 compatibility/support and Eclipse 4.x (Luna)        

·         Branch version: Repository has been branched

·         Build process: Slow on this


·         Jamie: If we move to newer version of Java, users will have to regenerate their models, start fresh workspace; but will continue to have problems if we don’t move

·         Chris: In favor of updates; Eclipse 4 looks better

·         Chris: Problem he had with STEM runtime eliminated when he deleted a plug-in


·         Jamie: Do 2.0.3 build, then Milestone 1 (See item 1); build future developments on Milestone

TO DO: Chris will help

·         Three 3 deprecated warnings left in popups; need to check plugin.xml

·         Jamie will check the one he has fixed on model.ui; will add new code to branch

·         Chris will replace (but leave in for time being) Action Classes with Handler Classes in UI commands


6.  Bugs

  • 48560 noted above in item 1; Stefan and Jamie to fix


7. Items from Participants

Werner: Sent out info on meeting on infectious disease in San Francisco, February 12, to see if any interest in participating; see   

Werner: Has STEM been used for measles? Jamie/Stefan: Yes; current problem in US is political

Werner: Any committer in Norway? Jamie: One listed is not active; may have new committer, Alex, who is in California

Nereyda: Trying to update wiki help pages. Jamie: Judy can help

Nereyda: Will send sample model from her Mac at home to Almaden; then set up time to discuss  



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