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[stem-dev] Fw: [stem-ebola] Agenda for this week's Ebola Modeling call

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Subject: [stem-ebola] Agenda for this week's Ebola Modeling call
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for October 15 at 11am Pacific

Moderator: Alexander J. Jones, Operon Labs
1.        Welcome. Introducing Prof. Emma McBryde, Head of Mathematical Modeling, Burnet Institute, Univ of Melbourne, Victorian Infections Disease Service
2.        News
1.        Added link to stem-ebola summary on the home page
2.        Added Summary of Pub-Med news Items to our Ebola Reference Data page.
3.        Please copy (quantitative) new updates to the Ebola Reference Data. This way we can track the dates of key events (ie if we want to tally imported and secondary cases outside of W. Africa over time.
3.        Questions on expanding the community: Pub Med and other mechanisms (Alex, Jamie)
4.        Caitlin Update on VT hack-a-thon
5.        20 minute deep dive topic: Ebola Deep-Dive Topic: Mutation and Fitness Landscape
1.        Ebola 2014 Mutation Rate: Comparison to previous Ebola outbreaks & Other Viruses
2.        Potential Impact of Ebola Mutations (tissue tropism, fitness landscape)
3.        Superinfection: Mathematical Properties / Evolutionary Dynamics
4.        Ebola Virulence vs Infectivity: Confounding Variables
5.        Recombination: Evidence for Horizontal Gene Transfer in Ebola
6.        Next week's agenda
1.        Ira B. Schwartz, NRL will moderate next week. Who would like to moderate in two weeks?
2.        Please send short agenda items to Judy by Monday
3.        Please suggest other themes and guests for presentation/discussion
4.        Next week's deep dive topic: Kun Hu & Simone model news on recent sensitivity analysis, SEIR++ Parameters
7.       Items from participants
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