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[stem-dev] STEM Feature for single KML file animation -- Dev Questions

Sorry for the slow response.
Re your questions

> A. Where is the 'county' population data stored? For example, how do I go from a key like 'US-NY-36039' (county identifier) to retrieve the original population in the county and the current population in the county at a time-step? (to determine number of fatalities , or total number of Infections as an absolute value rather than percent).

if you have the node you can use something like the following
                                        EList<NodeLabel> labelList = node.getLabels();
                                        for(NodeLabel nl:labelList) {
                                                if(nl instanceof PopulationLabel) {
                                                        PopulationLabel pl = (PopulationLabel) nl;
                                                        double population = pl.getCurrentPopulationValue().getCount();
You should be able to get the node from the graph. (ie graph.getNode(nodeURI))

> B. Where can I find a simulation's actual 'start' and 'end' dates in String or DateTime format? What object and where is it?

Get the Sequencer from the scenerio (from the simulation). The sequencer has the start and end dates.

the sequencer has method getStartTime and getEndTime
they return "STEMtime" objects but STEMtime.getDate() gives you a Date.

> C. Why is my simulation's 'cycle' counter jumping around at the beginning? It starts at cycle=0, then goes to cycle=2, then to cycle=7,8,9,10 etc?

The gui runs in it's own thread so you are running either a big or small simulation. On the menu bar you can go to >window>preferences.

then >STEM>Simulation Managment and either increase the simulation delay so the gui keeps up. Or decrease it if you need.

> D. Is there a 'proper' way to go about scaling an 'I' value to a polygon color? Should I just use the Aspect object? Any tips on this?

I think it just depends what you are trying to show. We usually normalize I by the population but you might be interested in small values at the start of an epidemic so you might need a scale factor or log scaling.

> E. Are there any known bugs with the GE Servlet stuff? I'm getting some Servlet exceptions (can't connect to local web server). Is this feature broken (the network pipe)? It's not

important -- just curious.

We have not run this in a very long time. Matt, any ideas on this?

> F. Why are there multiple classes which seem to be involved in writing KML files... What is the difference between KmlDisplay, KmlDisplayCustom, and KmlDisplaySelection? Is any of this functionality deprecated? Some of these are really old and may go back to older versions of google earth.

I'm sorry not to be more helpful....

Best Regards,

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San Jose, CA 95120-6099
email: jhkauf@xxxxxxxxxx
phone: (408) 927-2477  (tie 457-2477)

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