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[stem-dev] Ebola Modeling Call on October 1st, 2014

Agenda for Ebola Modeling Call on October 1, 2014

1. Introductions
2. Timing for Community Calls
3. Purpose

1. Not to push one model
2. Not to advocate one tool
3. Support Ebola response efforts

4. Eclipse Community Tools

1. This Call
2. Newsgroup
3. Mailing list instructions

5. Overview of Ebola Model and four Ebola Scenarios uploaded to Eclipse

1. Admin 0 three country model for West Africa
2. Admin 2 three county models for West Africa
3. All Africa Model
4. The Global Model
5. How to easily change from deterministic to stochastic
6. Running STEM Headless on server

6. Discussion on Literature models - please add references to this page
7. Discussion on model parameters (latest wisdom, sensitivity analysis)

1. Should we create a wiki page for ongoing discussion?
2. Should we create a newsgroup topic for ongoing discussion?

8. Next week's agenda

1. Who would like to moderate ? We can rotate.
2. Please send short agenda items to Judy by Monday
3. Please suggest longer themes for presentation/discussion

9. Items from participants

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