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[stem-dev] Weekly Community Ebola Modeling Phone Call

The STEM Community will be holding a weekly phone call for open discussion on Ebola Modeling. Researchers studying Ebola Epidemiology, Modeling of Ebola, and working on Ebola Response, are all invited. It is not necessary or required to be a user or contributor to STEM. All discussion should be open and non-confidential.

The Ebola community call is scheduled to take place most every Weds at 10AM Pacific Daylight time (1PM Eastern Time)
For more information, to add to the agenda, or if you wish to join, please send

Agenda for next call on October 1, 2014

1. Introductions 2. Timing for Community Calls 3. Overview of first four Ebola Scenarios uploaded to Eclipse

  • Admin 0 three country model for West Africa
  • Admin 2 three county models for West Africa
  • All Africa Model
  • The Global Model
4. Discussion on STEM Solvers (Stochastic, Numerical Integration, Finite Difference, etc) and how to easily switch between them for any scenario) 5. Discussion on Literature models 6. Discussion on model parameters (latest wisdom, sensitivity analysis) 7. Items from participants

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Model documentation will be available on the wiki page Ebola Models

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