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[stem-dev] Notes from STEM community call of May 29

STEM Community Call May 29, 2014


On Call: Jamie, Stefan, Kun, Matt, Werner, Nereyda, Judy


Introducing Nereyda Sevilla, Air Force civilian, now working on PhD in biodefense, dissertation to explore smallpox and travel 


1. STEM 2.0.1 now complete and available


2. STEM 2.0.2 scheduled for Friday, June 13

==== On schedule 

==== New Campylobacter scenario

==== Mostly bug fixes, no features on To Do lists at Almaden or BfR

==== Updated Dengue scenario, model


3. Feature request from Nereyda (restricting air travel for certain compartments, i.e., whether traveler is sick)

==== Jamie: Migration code may cause imbalance; may be possible to look at w/o any modification to STEM, depends on model used; can assist

==== Nereyda: Interested in training sessions if any offered; may visit Almaden to work w/ team


4. Bug(s)

==== Code clean up successful, down under 100!

==== Stefan has solved Chris’s problem w/ git, will send him documentation

==== Matt has fixed new build


5. Study of foodborne disease to be published in PLoS Computational Biology
6. Items from Participants

Werner: Opportunities w/ Science Working Group

                TO DO for Jamie: Send Werner an electronic poster, ask Chris if he can attend to represent STEM


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