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[stem-dev] Notes from STEM community call today

STEM Community Call March 27, 2014

On Call: Jamie, Stefan, Kun, Matthias, Christian, Judy




1. STEM 2.0.1 complete and available

==== Bug Fixes

==== Update to Code Generator

==== New Campylobacter Model & Doc   
2. STEM 2.0.2 scheduled for Friday, June 13 
==== Mostly bug fixes, no features on To Do lists at Almaden or BfR

==== Updated Dengue scenario, model (thanks, Kun)
==== Perhaps new Campylobacter scenario


3. Discussion of feature request from Nereyda (restricting air travel for certain compartments, i.e., whether traveler is sick); it’s possible Nereyda may use STEM to address in thesis
4. Code Cleanup 
Jamie: Code clean up got rid of around 100 warnings

5. Items from Participants

Chris: Having problems w/ commit, got notification it failed

==== Jamie: Try again using instructions on website; if problems, notify Almaden, may need to reach out to Eclipse web master 


Matthias: Markus working with STEM on foodborne disease doing calculations in cloud, can identify food item; gave presentation at meeting with trade organizations

===== Jamie: US private industry groups may create a private infrastructure  


Jamie: Working on responses to reviewer on submission to PLOS Comp Bio

==== Corrected grammar in one sentence reviewer questioned, will add full derivation in appendix, have sent to Justin

==== Addressing comment re clustering by (1) explaining food anonymized, (2) adding scatterplot figure

==== Will send revised version to Matthias next week; have to complete in 30 days


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