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[stem-dev] Topics for discussion on this week's STEM community call

STEM Agenda

1. STEM 2.0.1 planned for 12/11

Need to migrate downloadable scenarios

2. New Documentation for 2.0.1

    ==== New demos?


3. Bug(s) of the week:

400930 Deleting a graph makes models/scenario useless (Alex, Can you confirm if you checked "updated references")? to discuss when Alex Returns NOT A BUG: WILL CREATE DIFFERENT BUG FOR NEXT RELEASE

409742 Mercator Map Logger does not export images with black borders (pending Matt) = jamie check DEFERRED

368889 For M5: Enable stochastic simulations for older disease models DONE. Need to do DENGUE (deferred until Kun returns)
4. Feature Requests                                      

Generalize Predicate to read discrete events from a file based a schedule.

5. Items from Participants

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