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[stem-dev] STEM community call

The STEM community call is scheduled to resume this Thursday at 9am Pacific Standard Time. The default agenda appears below.




STEM Agenda

1. STEM 2.0.1 planned for 12/11

Need to migrate downloadable scenarios

2. New Documentation for 2.0.1
      ==== New demos?

3. Bug(s) of the week:

400930 Deleting a graph makes models/scenario useless (Alex, Can you confirm if you checked "updated references")? to discuss when Alex Returns NOT A BUG: WILL CREATE DIFFERENT BUG FOR NEXT RELEASE
409742 Mercator Map Logger does not export images with black borders (pending Matt) = jamie check DEFERRED
368889 For M5: Enable stochastic simulations for older disease models DONE. Need to do DENGUE (deferred until Kun returns)
4. Feature Requests                                      
Generalize Predicate to read discrete events from a file based a schedule.

5. Items from Participants


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