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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM call

STEM Community Call September 13, 2012

On Call: Jamie, Stefan, Matt, Dan, Kun, Alifya, Kamesh, Chris, Alex, Judy


1. 1.4.0 Release Plan  

Stefan: Working w/ Eclipse; release on track for 9/25/2012
IP log approved yesterday; Action review and vote to take place 9/19/2012

TO DO (Matt): Break to Release Candidate 1 tomorrow, 9/14/2012 

TO DO (All): Check in any changes by noon Pacific time tomorrow

TO DO (All): Download RC1 including new Model Generator feature & run w/ scenarios, try to break

TO DO (All): Review wording on website on features they developed (listed below) for accuracy                      
    Bug Fixes from 1.3.1
    Performance improvements
    Simplified creation of new Disease and Population models (** New Feature STEM Model Generator)
    Pajek-file Importer:  
    Enable import of discrete transportation events
    Enable integration between user graphs and existing STEM graphs
    New MapView to visualize the discrete transportation events and the ability to display multiple views of the same simulation
    Polio Example
    Stochastic Modeling Framework
    Ability to Delete Items inside a Graph from Designer Perspective (To do or defer)
    Deep copy drag and drop for models
    Create new mixing edges
    Improved UI for decorators view
    New Implementation of STEM Preferences  
    Time adaptive external data source models (in progress)  
2. New Documentation for 1.4.0
Wiki practice
Mixing edges and mixing edge graph generator (DONE) integrated in transportation models page (DONE). Posted on newsgroup
   * map view features    
   * Pajak import tutorial (DONE)
Best Practice for Developers, writing performance critical components in STEM (DONE)
Additional doc for more realistic food scenario (DONE)
Better top level food modeling doc (DONE)  
New features/preferences to simplify new model creation (DONE)

   *Exception: TO DO: Matt—boilerplate, Judy—posting on newsgroup  
3. Food Distribution Comparison   (update on new view)

Dan: Working on new view, two experiments (1. food distribution, contamination; 2. Spatial resolution @ zipcode level for Germany); now using hard code

TO DO (Dan): Create version of the patch w/o the graph file       

4. Food production discussion

Jamie: Possible for BfR to aggregate data they have by food type?

TO DO (Chris): Will check w/ Matthias

5. Dengue update

Kamesh: Worked w/ scenario from Stefan; more to follow

Jamie: Note that # of mosquitoes is hard coded

6. Bugs of the week

None listed; have been cleaning out Bugzilla

7. Next Week (9/20) will be a very short (30min call). Agenda next week will focus only on any outstanding issues regarding release; plus possible dates for following release & features


Chris: Saw MIME, Eclipse plug-in project using Buckminister; seemed easy

*Matt: Have tried in past; Chris: Some problems reported w/ 3rd party libraries

TO DO (Chris): Send note to stem-dev, suggesting should try    


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