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[stem-dev] STEM call this week--topics for discussion

1. 1.4.0 Release Plan  (tentative 9/25/2012)                        
   Bug Fixes from 1.3.1

   Performance improvements

   Simplified creation of new Disease and Population models (Tools for generating new disease plugins)

   Pajek-file Importer:  

   Enable import of discrete transportation events

   Enable integration between user graphs and existing STEM graphs

   New MapView to visualize the discrete transportation events and the ability to display multiple views of the same simulation

   Polio Example

   Stochastic Modeling Framework

   Ability to Delete Items inside a Graph from Designer Perspective

   Deep copy drag and drop for models


   Create new mixing edges
   Improved UI for decorators view

   New Implementation of STEM Preferences

   * Time adaptive external data source models

  ** New Features to simplify new model creation (Matt, we need a name for this :-)
2. NEW DOC FOR 1.4.0

          * wiki practice
          * mixing edges and mixing edge graph generator (DONE) integrated in transportation models page (done). posted on newsgroup

          * map view features    

          * Pajak import tutorial (Done)

       * Best Practice for Developers, writing performance critical components in STEM (done)

       * additional doc for more realistic food SCENARIO doc is done but not in wiki yet. Scenario today.

       * Need better top level food modeling doc (draft created)

       **Final documentation of new Features to simplify new model creation ( .... almost Done....)

3. Discussion on BfR Summer Institute

4. Discussion on ISVEE topics (some cool examples and an incomplete list of other hot topics)

  * Mycobacterium Avium subsp Paratuberculosis (MAP).
        Causes Johne's (prn. yonnie's) disease.
        in milk -  trans by feces and tit.
        cross species between ruminants .
        suspected causative agent in Crohn's disease
  * Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus (ISAV)
        Isavirus in Orthomyxovirida - one single removal mutation from Avian Influenza!!
        Coinfection with sea lice
  * Blue Tongue
  * H5N1
  * Salmonella
  * Bovine Tuberdulosis
  * Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV)  - live versus inactive vaccines!!
  * Foot and Mouth Disease
  * Vectors (Tsetse flies etc), vector diseases...
  * West Nile
  * Rift Valley Fever
  * ...and much more

5. Food production discussion. Latest data/results

6. BUGs of the week:
(Fixed) Location picker bug. Doesn't work when only admin level 2 regions are available



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