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[stem-dev] notification

I turned off notification for the genmodels for all disease and population model plugins, since it gets rid of calls to eNotificationRequired() in all setter methods which is costly, especially in LabelValues where methods like setI(...), setE(...) etc. is called over and over. To turn it off in any new models you create, open the .genmodel and in the properties view under "Model" set the "Supress Notification" flag to true.

Let me know if there's any concern or if you see any problems.

/ Stefan

Observe: My email address is changing. The old address edlund@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is obsolete. Use sedlund@xxxxxxxxxx instead.
Stefan Edlund
Public Health and Computer Science Research
IBM Almaden Research Center
(408) 927-1766   edlund@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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