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[stem-dev] Topics for discussion on this week's STEM community call

1. 1.3.1 Release data is 4/15
    Code Freeze for branch occurred Friday 4/6
        * Bug Fixes to 1.3.0
        * Modifiable modifiers (batch experiments)
        * STEM EMF update to version 2.7.2
        * Generalized model replay mechanism
        * Shape File Importer: Improvements to GUI
        * Population Transformer: food mediated disease
        * Graph Editor: improved features
        * New Population re-scaler
        * New Polio model
              ...any changes ?
            ...this final list must match wiki and plan
2. NEW DOC FOR 1.3.1
* website updated
* wiki updated
* question re:BfR citation on stats page. Chris needs to be listed as BfR. Logo requires institutional membership.
* population rewind (done)
* creating population models (done)
* Shape file IMPORT (done)
* new graph edit features (done)
* documentation on replay (done)
* airtravel doc
* polio disease model (done)
* Importing External Data (updated)
**** NEED To Document Behaviors of drag and drop into project vs. model.... SEE bug of the week (in progress)

2b. Other new DOC - not 1.3.1
* Best Practice for Developers, writing performance critical components in STEM (in progress)

3. Disease Models/Populations Models View  (Need to check with Matt)
TODO: we need to make this ready for 1.3.1....
i) Call it "Decorators" view
ii) Default show this page on initial startup
iii) Tree Nodes with Population Models, Disease models (DONE)
iv) List of Diseases...
        Influenza  (DONE)
        Chicken pox (DONE)
        Salmonella (with Beef/Cattle Populations) NEED to add?
        List of Populations
        Aging population model (DONE)(has wrong icon)
        Beef/Cattle (DONE)(has wrong icon)
        (TODO) REMOVE Decorators folder and RENAME DISEASE folder to Decorators
v) Add description/help to view (where?)

5. Food production discussion
Created more realistic model. We'll test it next and upload next week.

6. Update on JET, Matt's trip around the world.

7. BUG of the week:
376149 Problem in execution of asynchronous events in Simulation
not a but - there are asynchronous and synchronous threads....
Update from Chris
i) Make map synchronous
ii) option
iii) when to pause

BfR logo? / membership


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