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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM community call

STEM Community Call March 29, 2012

On Call: Jamie, Kun, Stefan, Chris, Alex, Judy


0. CONGRATULATIONS TO KUN HU, unanimously elected to Eclipse STEM Committer


1. 1.3.1 RELEASE

*Date of 4/15 is still good

*Proposed Code Freeze date of Friday 4/6 for branch okay? See item 4 below  


Bug Fixes to 1.3.0

    This week Stefan enabled:

     *Interpolation of data read from file

     *Modifiable modifiers (enables broader range of batch experiments)


    STEM EMF update to version 2.7.2

    Generalized model replay mechanism (done)

    Shape File Importer: Improvements to GUI (done)

    Population Transformer: “realistic” sample model on food mediated disease transmission (on track)

    Graph Editor: improved zooming, deleting nodes and edges, improved GUI for new population generation (done)

    Replace population rewinding with an explicit population re-scaler (done)


2. NEW DOC FOR 1.3.1

Jamie been doing major cleaning, updating on web site and wiki

*Question re: BfR citation on stats page. Chris needs to be listed as BfR. Logo requires institutional membership.      TODO: Chris send email to Sharon Corbett, also to webmaster at Eclipse; also ask Matthias if he wants BfR to join Eclipse to have BfR listed; Jamie happy to assist if decision is yes

*Population rewind (done)

*Creating population models (done)

*Shape file IMPORT (done)

*New graph edit features (TODO: Chris will do next week)

*Documentation on replay (done)

*Airtravel doc (TODO: Jamie will use paper as base)

*Polio disease model (done)

*Importing External Data (updated)



Will have scenario w/ doc by 4/6

TODO: Add to list of features for 4/15



TODO: We need to make this ready for 1.3.1... Wait until Matt is back; may need to change code freeze date

i) Call it "Decorators" view

ii) Default show this page on initial startup

iii) Tree Nodes with Population Models, Disease models

iv) List of Diseases...

 Influenza  (done)

Chicken pox (done) 

 Salmonella (with Beef/Cattle Populations) NEED to add?

 List of Populations

Aging population model (has wrong icon)

Beef/Cattle (need to add)

 Need to REMOVE Decorators folder and RENAME DISEASE folder to Decorators

v) Add description/help to view (where?)

vi) NEED to document behaviors of drag and drop into project vs. model.... SEE bug of the week


*Bug 369825—Stefan: Dragging model from build in into another model is read only but dragging into models folder does copy but not a deep copy; should ALWAYS do deep copy when drag to model folder? This is related to EMF editor bug. TODO: If time allows, complete and add to list of features for 1.3.1; if not, add to list of future features

*Bug 375447—Kun: Enabled vaccination interventions for Polio by adding compartment to model

*Bug 375479—Kun: Fixed bug on initial modifier dialog size for modifier; changed size of window to allow complete view 



Issue: Is food production analogous to a slaughterhouse, or are separate disease models required?

TODO: Chris will write email re what he needs to model

Issue: New model needed for congenital disease?

TODO: Discuss on newsgroup

TODO: Chris will talk w/ Matthias about making some pictures for Jamie

Chris: Working on map views; adjusted colors

TODO -Chris: When ready to commit, let Jamie/Stefan/Matt know; will test

TODO-Chris:  When ready to be part of integration build, tell Matt



 Discuss next week when Matthias is on the call



Kun: New doc  on polio up on wiki

Stefan: May need to adjust disease parameters dependent on time; please check existing models

Jamie: Updated upcoming talks on web page, wiki

*TODO: All should notify him, Judy, when talks accepted so they can be entered on web, wiki

Kassay (per Jamie): Had question re about region centers; is making progress w/ new map of Norway


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