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[stem-dev] Topics for discussion on this week's STEM call

Please note: Clocks in the U.S. "sprang forward" this past weekend so the call in Europe will be starting one hour earlier.

1. 1.3.1 Release data is 4/15 (is that still good)
       Code Freeze data?
   UPDATED PLAN PAGE (thank you Stefan)
    Bug Fixes to 1.3.0
    STEM EMF update to version 2.7.2
    Generalized model replay mechanism
    Shape File Importer: Improvements to GUI
    Population Transformer: “realistic” sample model on food mediated disease transmission
    Pajek-file Importer: Enable integration between user graphs and existing STEM graphs
    Graph Editor: improved zooming, deleting nodes and edges, improved GUI for new population generation
    Replace population rewinding with an explicit population re-scaler
2. NEW DOC FOR 1.3.1
* population rewind
* Shape file IMPORT (done)
* Pajek integration (considering) -- status Chris?
* new graph edit features (todo)

3. Disease Models/Populations Models View
i) Call it "Decorators" view
ii) Default show this page on initial startup
iii) Tree Nodes with Population Models, Disease models
iv) List of Diseases...
        Chicken pox  
        Salmonella (with Beef/Cattle Populations)?
v) Add description/help to view
vi) NEED to Document Behaviors of drag and drop into project vs. model....
4. Update on how to make creation of disease models simple (eventually graphical)
Working on JET (works for one case)

Eclipse IDD Berlin May 30, 2012

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