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[stem-dev] UPDATED VERSION: Topics for discussion on this week's STEM call

Please note added topics under Discussion of 1.3.1 plan; discard earlier version.


1. Release planning:
Target date for 1.3 is  1/31/2012
> RC1 is up. Please test the latest Release Candidate
> Release Review weds of this week (status update Thursday)
> Presentation slides for 1.3 in CVS
> Discussion of 1.3.1 plan: Possible Release Deliverables version 1.3.1
* STEM EMF update to version 2.7.2

* Discussion on feature to hide the complexity of creating a new STEM plugin (for Disease and Population models). Template driven feature??
* Shape File Importer: Improvements to GUI
* Population Transformer: “realistic” sample model on food mediated disease transmission
* Pajek-file Importer: enable import of discrete transportation events. enable the import of edges into existing STEM graphs
* Graph Editor: improved zooming;  deleting nodes and edges, improved GUI for new population generation
* STEM -integration in KNIME: creating a Node within the KNIME, Node-repository that allows STEM headless execution (JK question. License issues with KNIME?? is the API ok with EPL?)

2. New doc for 1.3
*  Major Reorg to Wiki, please check it out. Please make sure your new doc is appropriately linked
*  Dengue (done)
*  Initializers (done)
*  Loggers (done)
*  Malaria (done)
*  Mosquitos VCAP (done)
*  Solvers (done)
*  Improved graph editor ()
        >Save-As can't enter filename on Mac ??

3. Continued discussion on Modeling of food mediated diseases
4. Shape file import/IPZilla, any updates?

5. Items from participants


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