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[stem-dev] Notes from todays' STEM community call

STEM Community Call January 5, 2012

On call: Jamie, Kun, Matt, Stefan, Matthias, Chris, Max, Xanyao, Werner, Judy


1. Release planning:
Target date for 1.3 is 1/24/2012

> Need to schedule review with Eclipse

Jamie: All can follow email on stem-dev, join call if desired
> Any outstanding issues? IP?

Matt: Still not sure about Open Map; have completed first steps in process, looks ok but

Because contract is not standard, needs to go to Eclipse Board of Directors

TO DO: Matt will send note to Sharon to get timeframe

TO DO: Based on date, decide during next week’s call whether to slip date or target for next release
* Ten years of Earth Science Data (2000-2010) available as STEM ''Features''
* Malaria Disease Model (''Anopheles'' calibrated)
* Dengue Fever Disease Model (''Aedes'' not yet calibrated)
* Additional NLS + User ability to switch languages
* Logger Framework with new loggers
  ====Release new loggers for 1.2.3
  ====Delete old loggers and views for 1.3
* Shape File Import Utility (   *********  EXPOSURE: Eclipse has not made progress yet on Open Map CQ. Possible Interim step - write import from KML)
* Integrating external models for study of food based transmission. Discussed later in call; see below
* New Differential Equation solver(s) from commons.math library
* Population Rescaler
* Bug Fixes from 1.2.2
* Improvements to the graph editor

Matthias: Jan has committed improvements; need testing; not sure whether in documentation

TO DO: Chris will handle
* Need presentation slides for 1.3

2. New doc for 1.3
*  Dengue. TO DO: Add paragraph, put in mathematical description
*  Initializers. TO DO: Chris will check, do what’s needed before release,  
*  Loggers. TO DO: Matt
*  Malaria (done)
*  Mosquitos VCAP (done)
*  Population Rescaler: TO DO: Take off list
*  Shape file importer (NEW): TO DO: Matthias’ team will supply

TO DO: Matt will check build for documentation plugin

TO DO: Decide whether need one link to directory on home page or set of links to doc in wiki

RELATED ISSUE RE HELP IN STEM: Explore how to re-organize wiki to better help users
*  Solvers. TO DO: Stefan

3. Ideas for future STEM demos. Discussion deferred
>FD vs Integration
>Data Import example (playback)
>Data input example (initialize from csv)
>Data logging image and data examples
>Dengue Fever example(s)
>Disease Playback demo
> what else?

4. Continued discussion on Modeling of food mediated diseases

Chris: Created initializer for world w/ animal populations @ zero, have to initialize each time (unlike humans)

Query: Is this confusing for users?

TO DO: Matt will create square lattice example for cattle

TO DO: Matthias’ team will work on this over the next week     

5. Shape file import/IPZilla, any updates?

Max: Importer functioning; still need to connect w/ GUI; has been working w/ Matt

Matthias: Goal now is to shape files into STEM

Jamie: Need to create plugin

TO DO: Max will send latest version of code to Matt, also Matthias after call; Jamie & IBM team will help create plugin 

6. Items from participants

Kun: Has draft of dengue paper, will be sending for serial review

Matt: Eclipse committers need passwords changed

Per Matthias, will keep Jan as active committer, Dirk will be made emeritus

Werner: Will post note re bees on newsgroup; may be opportunities to present at conference in Germany in April

Will be in California next week, will contact Stefan

Jamie: Wants to visit Matthias w/ a couple team members to discuss collaborative efforts

Explore joint papers, conference venues, etc.

Matthias: Spring or summer good time; biologist Alex Palenski (sp?) will join call soon


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