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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM community call

STEM Community Call October 6, 2011

On call: Matt, Kun, Stefan, Jamie, Judy


1. Release planning

Reminder: Will release STEM 1.2.3 on Nov 21 (RC1 Nov 1); need to delete old property files. Target date for 1.3 is still (1/07/2012)

* Ten years of Earth Science Data (2000-2010) available as STEM ''Features''

* Malaria Disease Model (''Anopheles'' calibrated)

* Dengue Fever Disease Model (''Aedes'' not yet calibrated)

* Additional NLS + User ability to switch languages

* Logger Framework with new loggers

* Shape File Import Utility (Dependency on Open Map CQ)

* Integrating external models for study of food based transmission

* New Differential Equation solver(s) from commons.math library

* Bug Fixes from 1.2.2

*** Need presentation slides for 1.3

2. New doc needed for 1.3?

Status: No additional updates

*  Dengue

*  Initializers

*  Loggers

*  Malaria (done)

*  Mosquitos VCAP (done)

*  Shape file importer (NEW)

*  Solvers

3. Bug of the week: bug 353939 Project Explorer broken when STEM workspace path contains a space

4. Items for Newsgroup this week??

Status: After additional consideration and discussion next Monday, Stefan may add item on new framework for error handling and messages

5. Update on Dengue model status (any new figs for tomorrow?)

6. New Malaria mapping algorithm

Status: Moving forward, will input into paper

7. STEM MLS language packs are up on Babel

Status: Will send note when all is done & all are ready

Todo: (1) Delete Migrated files from SVN; (2) New Property Files from Stefan, must update Babel for 1.2.3 release (on website)

8. Ideas for future STEM demos

>FD vs Integration

>Data Import example (playback)

>Data input example (initialize from csv)

>Data logging image and data examples

>Dengue Fever example(s)

> what else?

>>> Can we do a YouTube on each one ? Stefan, what did you use to do the screen captures?

>>> Need to plan code freeze November 1st so we have 1 month to build and test scenarios for workshop

9. Report from Stefan on New Error handling

Status: Multiple issues remain (e.g., re disease models, population models & error messages; also clones); Stefan will put in writing, distribute among Almaden team for discussion next Monday & then / Matthias

10. Items from participants

Jamie: Following up on possible involvement w/ Hopkins in project

Kun: Making interesting findings, will discuss further w/ Jamie

Jamie to Kun: Please find tool to use with differential equations in Chris’ documentation


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