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[stem-dev] STEM Community Call Notes 9/15/2011

STEM Community Call September 15, 2011

On the call: Jamie, Matt, Judy, Kun, Stefan


Topics of the Week

1. STEM 1.2.2 is up, thanks to Matt.

Please report any issues by bugzilla

Decided not to change platform now because EMF has a big bug
2. STEM project leadership news

Dan Ford has resigned as project co-lead

Stefan Edlund has been nominated; committers can vote
3A. Release planning STEM 1.2.3 (repeating agenda item) ~Nov 21 (RC1 Nov 1)
            * Ten years of Earth Science Data (2000-2010) available as STEM
                        * Malaria Disease Model (''Anopheles'' calibrated)
                        * Dengue Fever Disease Model (''Aedes'' not yet calibrated)
                        * Additional NLS + User ability to switch languages
                        * Logger Framework with new loggers
                        * Shape File Import Utility (Dependency on Open Map CQ)
                        * Integrating external models for study of food based transmission
                        * New Differential Equation solver(s) from commons.math library
                        * Bug Fixes from 1.2.2
3B. Release planning STEM 1.3 – Target date is still 1/07/2012

Need presentation slides for 1.3

New doc needed; Judy to maintain list

                *Dengue Fever

                * New solvers

               * New initializers (2 kinds)

               * New loggers
4. Update on Dengue model status
                Chris is working on two runs, one regular, one high res for one node; will send to Jamie

Will hold off on call to Derek for time being
5. No update on Babel language pack CQ         
6. Future Demo Scenarios (Repeating Agenda Item)
            *FD vs Integration
            *Data Import example (playback)
            *Data input example (initialize from csv)
            *Data logging image and data examples
            *Dengue Fever example(s)
            *Potentially more
               * Possibly YouTube for some
7. New Integration Algorithms. Clarify next week
8. Items from participants

Stefan: Rewrote new solver; large array, uses only one thread

Judy: Will post Newsgroup item re new wiki material from Stefan (malaria and mosquito)




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