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[stem-dev] Topics for this week's STEM community call

1. STEM 1.2.2 is up. Please report any issues by bugzilla

2. STEM project leadership news

3. Release planning (Repeating Agenda Item)
        3A) STEM 1.2.3 ~Nov 21 (RC1 Nov 1)
        3B) Target date for 1.3 is still (1/07/2012)
        3C) New Doc needed?
* Ten years of Earth Science Data (2000-2010) available as STEM
* Malaria Disease Model (''Anopheles'' calibrated)
* Dengue Fever Disease Model (''Aedes'' not yet calibrated)
* Additional NLS + User ability to switch languages
* Logger Framework with new loggers
* Shape File Import Utility (Dependency on Open Map CQ)
* Integrating external models for study of food based transmission
* New Differential Equation solver(s) from commons.math library
* Bug Fixes from 1.2.2
*** Need presentation slides for 1.3

4. Update on Dengue model status

5. Any update on Babel language pack CQ ?

6. Future Demo Scenarios (Repeating Agenda Item)
>FD vs Integration
>Data Import example (playback)
>Data input example (initialize from csv)
>Data logging image and data examples
>Dengue Fever example(s)
> what else?
>>>Should we do a YouTube on some ?

7. New Integration Algorithms. Ready for Newsgroup Item?

8. Items from participants

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