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[spatial4j-dev] Spatial4j: Minimum Java version -- 8?

Shall the minimum Java version for Spatial4j be 8 (aka 1.8)?  8 was a major release for Java, bringing default method implementations to interfaces, lambdas, and other things.  In particular, Spatial4j recently added some convenience methods like getLon getLat and a factory method for creation based on that nomenclature that map to the X-Y existing methods.  If there were default methods, those creating implementations of a Point shape need not implement them.

Spatial4j 0.8 was just approved by Eclipse EMO as it is (Java 1.7 requirement)... but I _may_ be able to add this in.  The release date for Spatial4j 0.8 is next Thursday (Nov 26th).

~ David Smiley
Apache Lucene/Solr Search Developer

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