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Re: [spatial4j-dev] Geo3dSpatialContextFactory


I spent a few days researching what was out there.  Originally I started with JTS but then I realized that eventually I wanted to do a spherical model and there were some other handy capabilities in Spatial4j like the geohash.

In re-reading my email I realize I was rather sloppy, apologies!  I said "I am not implementing" but meant "I am now implementing".  I am pretty sure you deduced that but just to be safe...

You are absolutely correct, Spatial4jStringDeserializer is my own wrapper around WKTReader and GeoJSONReader.  Sorry about that!  

In my testing when I do a rectangle with either the WKT or GeoJSON Reader and the default SpatialContextFactory I get the exception "java.text.ParseException: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Unsupported shape of this SpatialContext. Try JTS or Geo3D."  My guess is that I need to configure the factory in some fashion but in looking at the javadocs its not clear to me how.

When I use the Geo3dSpatialContextFactory it parses fine but I am getting some inaccurate results from the relate function.

Great point about whether the surface of the world is really required.  In my case I am making a UDF (user defined function) for ksqlDB which if you aren't familiar is a SQL engine for KSQL.  So I am really just passing things through to Spatial4j and its up to them to figure out if they need it.  I think I will document your point however as its important to surface that.

Good example case.  I'll play around with that and come up with a good test case.

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