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[spatial4j-dev] Spatial4j 0.6 is mostly released

I spent all of today and some of yesterday working on release stuff.  This time investment should pave the way for faster releases in the future.  The current status is the jars are on their way to maven-central; I figure they should be there within an hour or two if they aren't there already.  If not something's wrong.  I published the Maven site (including javadocs generated with Java 8).  I'm still working on posting these artifacts to an official LocationTech downloads area; plus there's probably little metadata bits 'n pieces to update in LocationTech's CMS.

One imperfection in the release is that the git spatial4j-0.6 tag has a slight difference in its pom.xml from the pom that is shipping to maven-central.  That difference is listing us 3 developers.  While I was doing the Sonatype deployment, I hit an apparent new requirement to list developers.  So I modified the .pom locally, regenerated the gpg signature, and uploaded a new bundle.  So it's also true that the pom.xml embedded in the META-INF/ of the jar has this same difference.  This is so minor but I wanted to mention it.  Also, the published Maven site was generated from a pom that included a fix to the URL of Spatial4j at LocationTech.  Again; very minor.

As you may observe from the noisy commit messages (sorry), there were little updates here & there.  Notably the source is now compatible with Java 8's Javadoc.  I updated randomized-testing lib which meant the need to add some static import methods to many tests.  And I fixed a trivial API call to JTS to retain compatibility with v1.12 because it's so easy to retain that compatibility.  I also updated the JTS dependency to v1.14 for no reason other than that it's the latest.  No code change in that.

Perhaps for some of these things I should have created GitHub issue tickets, and/or updated  I welcome feedback on that.  That was gnawing at my conscience a bit but then again there's overhead in adding processes for these little changes.

Also, totally unrelated: Chris Pavlicek (former OpenAcademy student that I mentored a couple years ago) is looking at adding the Geo3d adapters.

~ David
Lucene/Solr Search Committer, Consultant, Developer, Author, Speaker

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