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[soc-dev] Call for Projects and Mentors: Semesters of Code - CMU @Qatar

Dear all, 
the EF has been kindly invited to participate to the "Semesters of Code" program that is being organized by Stephen Walli from Microsoft. He has created and will be teaching a course in the Carnegie Mellon University (Qatar campus) next summer and would like to provide an internship-like experience over the 10-week duration of the course.

For this initiative, we are looking for interested mentors and project ideas! (Stephen already has some students lined-up).

Here are some general guidelines regarding the program:
- Duration: 10 weeks. The course runs from mid-May to end of July. The students will be in class together in Doha, Qatar (GMT+3) for the first six weeks, the last four weeks the course will take place using Zoom.
- Project teams will be conformed by 3-5 students, that could tackle together a project with a couple of mentors for each project.
- Mentors are expected to meet students once a week for an hour (via any video conference setup folks want to use), and to be available by email during the rest of the week.
- Projects will be posted on the first day of class, and the students will self-select their projects. Student teams are introduced to their mentors in the first week of class and expected to organize that first meeting to begin the project learning curve. That’s when mentors point students at any tutorials and bootstrap materials, recommended getting started materials, etc.
- Student's expectations: they will be spending 20-40 hours of time per week on the project. It is an internship-like experience.

Classes are taught three days a week for 50 minutes, and teachers also provide a coaching session with each team to ensure they are working with the mentors well. 
Mentors have a lot of freedom to experiment.

If you have a project idea that could fit this program, please contact emo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Kind regards,
Maria Teresa Delgado
The Eclipse Management Organization | Eclipse Foundation

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