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[soc-dev] Eclipse Che @ gsoc

Hi all,
Hope you are going well,
I'd like to suggest an Eclipse Che subject for the Google summer of code,

I've been through I've created an account at gsoc but not sure what to do next, do I have to go through ? or is it already done by the Eclipse Foundation organisation ?

The first idea would be to work on the pair-programming plugins for Eclipse Che with Eclipse Flux. The feature is at the moment a POC. And it works well.

The goal would be to add more feature to it:
 - show cursors of other participant
 - have a chat feature
 - show notification when other files not opened are being notified
+ Making the plugins "production ready"
 - cleaning code
 - packaging
 - test

Eclipse Che use Orion and would connect to a flux server, so we would focus on these 3 projects.

And I would probably be the mentor,


Sun Seng David TAN

Senior Java Developer

Eclipse Che commiter

Mobile : +33 6 21 02 41 73

Email : sun.tan@xxxxxxxxx

Site Web :

Suivez-nous sur Twitter : @SerliFr

et Facebook : SerliFr

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