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[soc-dev] Proposal for "Error Markers and Quick Fixes in eTrice State Chart Diagrams"

Hi everyone.

I am Jayant Gupta, a student of Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.

After thoroughly understanding the idea as proposed on the idea page of eclipse and extensively communicating with my Mentor Dr. Henrik Rentz-Reichert (from eTrice project), I have come up with a proposal for the idea "Error Markers and Quick Fixes in eTrice State Chart Diagrams".

I hereby post the link to the proposal for the kind perusal of all mentors and community members :

Hope that Mentors would appreciate my work and would provide me with the opportunity to work on such a great project and allow me to contribute to the Eclipse community.

Thanking all.

Kindly regards,
Jayant Gupta

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