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[soc-dev] GSoC Proposal: 'Code Recommenders for Javadoc'

Hi all,

my GSoC proposal 'Code Recommenders for Javadoc' made it finally to the Google melange system:

For all tl;dr'ers among yourselves, who still want to get an idea what I'd like to implement, open this website:

and pay attention to the following Javadoc elements:

  • The package org.eclipse.jface.viewers 
    (at the bottom)

  • The class org.eclipse.jface.viewers.TableViewer
    (right beneath the class description)

  • The method getTable() in class TableViewer

For the (second) social component, I've made two mock-up screenshots:

This should get you a brief idea of my proposal. Read the full proposal for more :)
Please review, comment or ask me if you have further questions!

Best regards
Patrick Gottschaemmer

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