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[soc-dev] Fwd: [The Eclipse Foundation] New proposal by Hendrik Still: Eclipse Platform: Implementing generic in JFace viewers


I wanted to remove the suggestion below but I got the following error message:

This proposal is not made public, and you are not the student who submitted the proposal, nor are you a mentor for the organization it was submitted to.

Does this mean something is wrong with my user or with the propsal?

Best regards, Lars

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Date: 2013/4/27
Subject: [The Eclipse Foundation] New proposal by Hendrik Still: Eclipse Platform: Implementing generic in JFace viewers
To: Lars.Vogel@xxxxxxxxx


Hendrik Still has submitted a new proposal to named Eclipse Platform: Implementing generic in JFace viewers at


Currently the JFace UI Toolkit still supports language features of Java 1.4. With moving JFace to the language features of Java 1.5 it would be able to take use of Java generics. I would implement the generics feature for the viewers part of the JFace Toolkit. This could help the users of JFace to avoid casting of data objects and detect more type failures at compile-time.

Detailed Information


This proposal is based on the Feature Request/Bug no. 402445(“Add generics to the JFace Viewer framework”) for the JFace Toolkit. As mentioned in the abstract I would like to implement the generics language feature of Java 1.5 to the viewers of the UI Toolkit. From these changes the users will benefit from the stronger typing of objects as result of the use of generics. The Eclipse community will benefit because JFace is part of this community. A very important issue for this change of the JFace API would be the backwards compatibility to the current API, to provide a fast integration into the next Eclipse Versions.



In the leading up I will do the following tasks to be well prepared for starting as fast I can into the coding phase.
1.Develop small demos to use the most of the JFace viewers

2.Study the  committer guidelines of the Eclipse Project
3.Fix a small bug to understand the development process



The goal would be to offer an API, that allows the user to access JFace in the following way:




TableViewerColumn<Person> col = new TableViewerColumn<Person>(viewer, SWT.NONE);
col.setLabelProvider(new ColumnLabelProvider<Person>() {
  public String getText(Person element) {
    //Person p = (Person) element; This line should not be required
    return element.getFirstName();

The changes of the API would also require changes of the Unittests (including backwards compatibil tests) and changes of the API Documentation.

1. Implement one example viewer with generics
2. Update the other Viewers
3. Update the Viewer Test
4. Update current API Documentation

5. (If there is still enough time) Port of some parts of the Eclipse 4 infrastructure to the new API



Currently I'm not a “Eclipse Pro” but I've some experience with RCP and OSGi development, so the plug-in development should not be a big deal.


I think the hardest part part for me will be the committer process of the Eclipse community. It would be nice to be supported at the first steps in this process. I would also expect frequent reviews of my code, so that I know the code that will be committed corresponds to the coding guidelines and is still compatible with the rest of the Eclipse plattform.




At the moment I'm studying Computer Science in my third year in
Karlsruhe (Germany). Before I have started studying, I gained a degree as
IT specialist for application development. As part of my work as a
software developer and student I'm using Eclipse JDT, PDT, CDT etc.  daily.

if you have any further questions you can write an email. My email address is hendrik.still@xxxxxxxxx.





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