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Re: [soc-dev] Interested to work on "eTrice: Providing Error Markers and Quick Fixes in State Chart Diagrams"

Hi Jayant,

I'm glad you are interested in this project. We had a great cooperation during your last year's GSoC project with us and we were very satisfied with the results of your project.
So considering my experience with you and taking into account your already sound knowledge of Graphit and eTrice's implementation of the state machine editor on top of it I'm absolutely confident that you will also successfully conclude this project.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details and questions on the etrice-dev list.

Kind regards,

Am 14.03.2013 09:18, schrieb Jayant Gupta:
Hi everyone.

I am Jayant Gupta, a B.Tech. student (III Yr. Mathematics & Computing) from The Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India, and am enthusiastic to participate in GSoC under The Eclipse Foundation. I am interested to work on the idea "Providing Error Markers and Quick Fixes in State Chart Diagrams"[1] under the eTrice project.

Last year, I participated in GSoC and got the opportunity to work for The Eclipse Foundation on the idea "Diagram Layout in eTrice with KIELER"[2] and had a really awesome experience. Following my previous experience of working with eTrice, I began with firstly going through a few research papers about ROOM by Bran Selic and relevant sections of the eTrice User Documentation. I then went on to study the eTrice Developers' Wiki and set up a fresh development environment. Currently, I am analyzing the relevant parts of the code and the documentation to help myself better understand the challenges and methodology of completing the project.

As per the skills required for the project, I am fairly proficient in Java & C/C++ and am very well-verse in Object Oriented Programming. Also, I am quite familiar with the prerequisite technologies involved in the project. I have a good experience of plug in development in Eclipse, the complete Graphiti framework (on which I worked last year) and am also familiar with the implementation of the Diagram Editors in eTrice. Apart from the skills required, I have an immense interest in the field of Real-Time Software Modeling (ROOM in particular). This makes me a good candidate for working on this idea.

Going through the eTrice newsgroup and mailing-lists, one comes to know that the eTrice community is fast expanding with new users adding each day. In such a scenario, this idea of providing error markers and quick fixes while the user is creating/editing the eTrice Diagrams is very crucial for the eTrice community and would help the users to speed up development process and find bugs much earlier than the actual model execution.

Thus, I extend my candidature for working on this ideas and assure that if given opportunity, I would work hard and would make the project a success.

Thanks everyone for your precious time.

Kind Regards,
Jayant Gupta

P.S. I intend to carry on  further discussion on the eTrice-dev[3] mailing list & would periodically post a summary of our discussion on the soc-dev (as Wayne sir suggested).

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