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[soc-dev] GSOC 2013 Eclipse Recommenders


i am a student of the Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt (Germany) and contributor for the Eclipse Recommenders project and looking forward to participate GSoC this year.

Working for the project, i see that the management of the models used for the recommendations and the configuration of them in the UI, are interesting topics which i would like to improve. The intention is to improve/redesign the models API, to make it easier for other/futher recommenders (which based on models, like the call-recommenders completion) to use the models background support, to make it run headless and to improve the usablility of the preference page so that the users can configure and manage the different models easier.

I think this could also be an interesting project for the GSoC 2013, and i am very interested to implement it.

Best Regards,


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