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Re: [soc-dev] Student activity after GSoC end


the eTrice project had three students this year and two of them expressed their interest in further contributing to the project.
Whether this actually will happen I will be able to tell you in a year from now ;-)


Am 21.10.2012 10:20, schrieb Markus Alexander Kuppe:

a discussion with Marcel Bruch [1], where he says that CodeRecommenders
has failed this year's GSoC, made me wonder what the Eclipse-wide
numbers for student activity after final evaluation/final payment are.
E.g. answers to the following questions:

- How many students remain active committers once the GSoC term has ended?
- How many students have become elected committers?
- What kind of reward/incentive do students get after the term ended?
- How many students disappeared without word?
- What were the reasons given by those who left the project?

History for the ECF project (where I happen to be a committer on) shows,
that only a smaller percentage of students remain active.


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