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Re: [soa-pmc] Time for termination?


2018-06-06 16:28 GMT+02:00 Mos, Adrian <adrian.mos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> The SOA TLP has slowed down over the years to a virtual stop today. The BPMN2 project is still releasing updates and Winery has activity but other than that there doesn’t seem to be any life in the TLP.

What a pity. Some think "micorservices are SOA done right". So there
should be a hype on our TLP.

See for instnace: O. Zimmermann, Microservices Tenets: Agile Approach
to Service Development and Deployment, Overview and Vision Paper.,
Proc. of Symposium and Advanced School on Service-Oriented Computing
(SummerSoC), 2016 -->

> Having talked to Oliver (Winery) and Paul (BPMN2), there seems so far to be a consensus on the long-overdue idea of terminating this top-level project.

Yes. With the recent advances in "Eclipse Cloud Development"
(, I would see Winery now
more near to that TLP than the SOA TLP, because Winery is a tool to
develop applications for the Cloud.

I will take the necessary steps to check whether Winery is a really
good fit ECD - or whether the "Eclipse Modeling Project" or the
Eclipse IoT project would be a better home. Currently, I think, the
synergy effects are highest at the ECD project.



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