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Re: [soa-pmc] [CQ 8000] build- and test-only dependencies Version: 0.1.33

Dear Marc,

Thank you for the long answer. @Bob, @Marc G. may I ask for your +1 here, too? :)



2014-05-15 10:44 GMT+02:00 Marc Dutoo <marc.dutoo@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Wayne

Thanks for putting the time to push that forward. We actually did approve "works with" for jython (1), RestDoc-renderer (2), but this (massive) one has only been approved by Adrian (3) for now.

So here I'm voting +1.
=> Bob, Marc G. ?

My motivations :

* junit (do you use Orbit's junit ?) and maven are the most obvious choices at to build projects. And Codehaus Mojos are classically useful maven plugins. Eclipse m2e plugin as well (there I'm going to be mocked for merely asking the question). So no discussion here.
* groovy as a scripting engine for tests seems perfectly fine to me (seems you already have a test scripting engine in jython, you people like JVM versatility it seems ;)
* rest-assured is one of the most efficient and powerful way to really test REST APIs. In my mind using it is logical when doing REST as well as someone already using RestDoc-renderer.
* PlantUML and InkScape are the kind of tools used by most of us to draw or graphically model software architectures. I've got nothing against their particular choice.

It seems to me that, for most of these, if you were using them only manually, a CQ wouldn't even be required ; so let's not punish you for trying to do it better by automating it all !

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

(1) 4 votes +1, no others
(2) 4 votes +1, no others

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