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Re: [soa-pmc] EclipseCON 2014

Adrian/Bob et al,


I took the liberty to submit


Let me know whether you are OK with it.




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Hi Marc,


So I’m thinking of proposing something related to monitoring of business processes. The idea would be to use Mangrove as the monitoring agent and leverage its transformation capabilities to

-          Initiate monitoring (through hooks in generated BPMN)

-          Receive monitoring data from Stardust

-          Display monitoring data in Mangrove’s editor

-          “send” monitoring data to the BPMN editor in case it makes sense, to display them in property views and so on. This last item depends on how far we want to go, whether Bob is interested etc.


We have done a lot of work already in leveraging monitoring data from Stardust. We just need to make sure we can “activate” it through Mangrove’s transformations so that Stardust “knows” who is “listening”. There are of course technical considerations such as which model to use “push” vs “pull”, we now have experience with both, thanks to the help we got from you guys.


Anyway so my suggestion is to make a submission for a paper along these lines and if you’re interested have you and potentially Bob as a co-author. Alternatively, or additionally, if you want to push for a tutorial, then this could also be shown in the context of a tutorial. This would be completely new stuff (the monitoring) compared to last year.


What do you think?





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thanks, adrian. i am planning to be there. lets do something. ece was better than expected.

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On Nov 7, 2013, at 10:25 AM, "Mos, Adrian" <adrian.mos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi guys,


Just a reminder about the deadline for ECON 2014 – it’s on the 18th November. Any thoughts on a potential common submission? Who is planning to be there?




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