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Re: [soa-pmc] SOA Track

Hi Marc

Sorry, I definitely won't be able to attend ECE.
I've not been the fastest one to answer, but it didn't pan out better than I first imagined...

HOWEVER do you plan to show the same use case ? and the three JWT + EasySOA slides ?
=> In this case I'll provide you with a slightly updated version of these slides and I'll do some advertising on my plateteclipse blog (see my sig) like usual :


Best Regards

Marc Dutoo - Head of R&D Dept. - The Open Source Architect - Agile, non-intrusive governance for Service-oriented Information Systems

Le 18/09/2013 14:45, Marc Dutoo a écrit :
You're right. I'll try to aim at the first week of October then.


Le 18/09/2013 14:33, Marc.Gille@xxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :

Thanks, marc.gille


Couple of weeks is too long I am afraid. Because ECE is end of October (= a couple of weeks)




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Indeed, nice one Marc !

Alas EclipseCon Europe is not among my priorities for now. However I'll take this opportunity to have a second look at it, I'll tell you in the following weeks.

Best regards,
Marc D.

Le 18/09/2013 11:44, Mos, Adrian a écrit :

Hi Marc,


I’m afraid it’s too late for me to make arrangements for the trip, but great to hear that you have a talk in!





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sorry for late notice on this:


I managed to arrange a similar slot for us at EclipseCon Europe for a 3h Symposium. I have suggested the summary below. Feel free to adjust based on your participation (and indicate the same). As Stardust now supports BPMN and XPDL, I hope we will really be able to show things end-to-end.






The symposium will illustrate how SOA and BPM concepts can be leverage to build end-to-end solutions starting with domain specific input and ending up with executable services and business processes with portal and mobile components – all based on components of the SOA Platform Project.


We will explain and demo how to


* define a business process model in a domain language via Mangrove,

* create HTML5-based UI components on Orion as further building blocks for the process model specified above,

* enrich the initial process model in the Stardust Browser Modeler integrated in Orion to create an end-to-end process model

* alternatively view and edit the process model using the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler, and finally

* deploy all of the above to an executable process model on Stardust with web-based and mobile portals.


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soa-pmc mailing list

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