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[soa-pmc] Project liveliness/candidates for termination.

Greetings SOA PMC.

Below is an excerpt from an unsolicited email by a community member. Is it, perhaps, time to schedule some termination reviews?

FWIW, the Technology project does this regulary (about each year). They lump all of the terminations into a single review.




-- /
 * Forum dead since 2 years
 * Dev mailinglist dead since 2 years, last real mail is asking for liveness:

Eclipse Mangrove is seems to have one person reading the mailinglist, but nothing happened in the code base
(Maybe a candidate for the candidate list for 2014? :-))

Eclipse eBAM
Last commit in 2011-01-04, no activity in forum ( or mailinglists (,, no releases since 2011 (

SOA BPMN Modeller ( should be removed from the project naviagion of the SOA Platform Project as the last forum message states that the project has been archived (
It would be fine if no 404 would appear, but a redirection to the page of archived projects. seems to be maintained by hand or is just my spontaneous check going wrong?
BPMN modeler is listed as "Incubating", but is archived.
I'm not sure about the BPMN2 Modeler ( Is it still incubating? Shouldn't be the current state of a project be given on the entry page or at least on another tab?

Is the SCA project really still incubating?

Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects, The Eclipse Foundation
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