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Re: [soa-pmc] Approval for termination review of Swordfish project


On 9 sept. 2013, at 01:59, "Marc.Gille@xxxxxxxxxxx" <Marc.Gille@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks, Zsolt.


Whatever a „+1“ in such a context means, here is mine: +1




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Sent: Montag, 9. September 2013 10:48
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Subject: [soa-pmc] Approval for termination review of Swordfish project



I wanted to inform you that the project members of the Swordfish project suggest to move the project to the dormant phase, see and corresponding thread. Since almost three years there is no activity with in the project. Also after proposing sunsetting the project in the mailing list nobody stood up to further drive the project. So I think it is a reasonable step and therefore I like to ask the PMC for approval. If there are no objections I will create the documentation for the termination review and inform emo to be scheduled for a review date. Perhaps during termination review someone is willing to take over the project 



Best Regards,





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