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Re: [soa-pmc] Stardust on Kepler



Am 28.01.2013 um 11:57 schrieb "Mos, Adrian" <adrian.mos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi guys,
Sure, I can make the request to the Planning Council. However, before, we need to get the acceptance from the SOA PMC. I vote +1. For now we have 3 +1s (Marc G, Marc D and myself).
The rest, please vote quickly in order to speed up the process, thanks!
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Thanks, Marc
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Hi Marc, all

I, at least, do not object :) It seems you've made the right strides towards being in the train. I'm ready to help Adrian with the planning council if need be.


Le 25/01/2013 11:55, Marc.Gille@xxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :
two urgent matters which involve the SOA PMC with regard to the mail subject:
·         Stardust has been joining the Kepler Release Train, but has not participated in the aggregation M4 build. Hence, according to gemäß the soa.stardust project requests an exception for integrating with the aggregation build until M4. We had decided to join the release train November 15th  but at that time we were not aware of the requirement to be in the M4 build already. Meanwhile we have:
o   successfully migrated our plugins to be compatible with the Kepler baseline.
o   resolved build issues related to the git/Hudson plugin that prevented us from building successfully on non-master branches.
o   created the last CQs that were still missing and altogether clarified more than 20 CQs either by getting them approved or finding workarounds on our side. Currently our total of open CQs is down to 6 which seems very manageable.
Hence, all in all we think we are in a good position to get into the M5 aggregation build and successfully join the release train. Given that we are a new project with no downstream consuming projects, the risk of joining the aggregation build late seems relatively small.
The exception needs to request an exception from the Planning Council. 
If nobody objects, Adrian, can you do this?
·         It seems Stardust is now listed under the SOA project in the Kepler Release Tracker and we can see entries from the BPEL project. Is anybody on the PMC aware of corresponding activities?
Many thanks,
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