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Re: [soa-pmc] Interested in repository / ECM integration ?

Hi Marc,

I think this is a very interesting topic. I would be interested in repository integration, for Mangrove. I think it would be nice to know what other project leads think about this and we could also potentially open this issue for discussion to the community. 

What are the current solutions envisaged or already implemented by the other projects in the SOA landscape? 

Andrea/Angelo, Marc G., Zsolt, Bob, what do you guys think about this. Do you already integrate with existing repositories? If so, how? If not, do you need this capability?


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From: Marc Dutoo [mailto:marc.dutoo@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: 04 May 2012 10:57
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Subject: Interested in repository / ECM integration ?

Greetings fellow SOA PMC members

At JWT, we're looking to integrate with SOA repositories, and we think that integrating with document management solutions (ECM) would be a first step that is very useful in design phase. So we're going to ask the Eclipse RT PMC about the Apache Chemistry CMIS ECM client library, which is currently in "waiting for PMC approval" phase of the IP process at Eclipse RT.

So :
* would anybody else in Eclipse SOA be also interested in a CMIS client ?
* other ideas ? (who to contact, or your project already has a CMIS 
client, or other ways of integration...)

Best regards,

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